Snowshoes and Sorrow

January thaw of feelings and snow

Break a trail on a lake’s surface-Snowshoes in the heavy wet white

Hard going on the trail and in how today touches me

Weight bearing down on broken path and sore shoulders

Left alone again

Reach out and touch

Earth Water Wind and Fire

Natural surround beauty eases the burden

Sorrow comes by and I say

“Hello ol’ friend”

You always arrive when dreams are broken, love distant

Worked hard to reach this day

Felt it would be one of pure joy

We will celebrate it somehow, my ol’ friend sorrow and I

Will not wallow in pain nor invite despair to this party

We will make a path and search for the Warrior, “Iron John” Butterfly

Pushed away we push on, gather what we need

Move forward; find reward in the motion, in the work

Feel this day, sweat and experience

Tangents, torrents of torment

Be Damned

Sorrow I will hang with awhile but never join

We will be colleagues in feeling life’s travails

Know how human a man is by how alive

His emotion, nerve ends and beginnings feel, in motion

Knowledge gained in not giving up, in the path made

We have been here before and always move on

Sorrow, a steady sturdy soulful companion

I stood barefoot in the snow

Took a breath and let it go

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