Only Those Hands-A tribute for Mothers day

Happy Mother’s Day. Every day is mother’s day.

Captain Ken's Cloud


Only those hands

Only those hands fed eleven, made a million meals, and kept a home clean and organized

Only those hands washed, dried, folded, and sorted the clothes

Only those hands signaled firmly when we were out of line

Only those hands wiped away tears, hurts, and fears

With strength, without weakening or whisper of complaint

Only those hands encouraged and held our dreams

Now those shaking hands turn the pages of the novels that keep a mind sharp

Mother, Mama, Mom, Ma, Betty Boop

Lived in the moment and made them all count. Early on she learned to be strong for her brothers, sisters and mom because her dad was away at war

Each moment connected in a life of constructive acts of selflessness

Each of us shaped by her focus

She remains the heart and foundation of a family

Only those hands are shaking now as…

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