Heaven Gained an Angel of Selflessness

Heaven Gained an Angel of Selflessness

During the end of Summer and the brilliance of fall, family, friends and staff brought Palliative Hospice Care 24/7 to Fuller House, Mom’s Home for the past 3 years.
92 years of a full selfless life faded physically as the colors of autumn light up reflecting her love and life. It was an honor and privilege to be with her each caregiving shift sharing connection and memories while knowing that each time Congestive Heart was making her weaker.

The greatest blessing of my life is having Elizabeth Mary Carew Pothier as my mother.
Time with her became priceless in little special moments with a rare, precious and beautiful woman and human being.
This Fall was one of the best all time up North in depth and intensity of color. I began to see each individual view of Mountains, Hills and Valleys become bouquets of color as individual trees flowered in leaf and in my views represented all the days of ‘Betty’s’ life as they burst in fleeting brilliant seasonal natural display…Heaven gained an Angel of Selflessness and Love.

Feel her presence in spirit and love
in growing dimensions
Love Hope Faith in Heart and Soul
Truth of a life well lived
We Keep the Circle going….

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